A client’s Internet Service Provider approached them directly about a “special offer” for more bandwidth for a small price increase. Taking the offer at face value, the client was very interested and ready to jump on it, but after reviewing it with NAP Technologies, two of the many shortcomings of this offer were very clear.

  1. No Backup– The “special offer” did not provide a redundant service should the current ISP become unavailable.
  2. Increased Price– When calculated, the additional bandwidth (per Mb of upload / download) was not proportional to the increase in fees. It actually worked out to an increase in price.

Two weeks after consulting with the NAP Tech Team, the client had 10 times the bandwidth for Voice and Data services, a backup with automatic failover, increased redundancy and more reliable service – all at a lower cost than that “special offer”.

Who: NYC Based Manufacturer

Client Since: 2007

Their Ask: Is the Additional Bandwidth a Good Deal?

Our Analysis: Not Really

Outcome: 10x the Bandwidth and Improved Failover + Redundancy

Solution: 24×7 Managed IT Services

Annual Cost Savings: 20%