Imagine how maddening it can be when you are trying to do your work, only to be jammed up by a slow office network…seconds feel like hours, you begin to question what you are looking at, and all that legal work at hand now becomes secondary.

Your internet connection seems stuck. Then it doesn’t. The smallest files take hours to upload, and you could swear that your practice management software actually changed right in front of your eyes. Eventually, your instincts start telling you that something is very wrong.

Then, the perfect storm develops, creating a confluence of problems that brings your law firm to its operational knees with the potential to affect cases, agreements, and people’s lives…this is exactly what happened to our client.

The Managing Partner of a New York law firm knew something was going terribly wrong. Many of his associates also provided constant feedback on the poor connectivity, slow internet, and general lack of speed with their entire network.

The Managing Partner rallied with his colleagues to call their professional network of friends, leading them to NAP Technologies. We got the call as a referral, diagnosed and resolved the issue in less than 4 hours.

Who: New York City Legal firm specializing in commercial law

Client Since: April 11 , 2014

Their Pain: Intermittent problems with everything IT

Our Analysis: Deep Dive Analysis uncovered:

Time Matters and MS Exchange integration issues

Poorly installed File Servers

Faulty back-ups

Inadequate Firewall

Weak Data Breach Protection

Outcome: Up and running in 3.5 hours

Solution: 24×7 Managed IT Services

Annual Cost Savings: 15%