Jane was off the grid and unreachable …her main business server was on its last leg. Our client had two choices: replace the failed components (delivery and installation for three business days away), or replace the server ASAP.

Whenever we have called Jane to make a decision in the past 2 years she always took our call or got back to us in minutes without fail, but this time a family emergency took priority. Nothing was compelling enough to get her to answer her phone during this family emergency – not even our 15+ direct attempts to call, text and email her.

After 2 years of providing her business with Managed IT Services, the NAP Technologies Team would like to think that Jane had developed a “Piece of Mind” knowing that the NAP Techs will execute and deliver the best outcome possible. In this case the NAP Tech Team installed an existing server for Jane’s business. This preserved Jane’s options and kept her business safe, secure and running until she was back on the grid.

If you are like most business owners you make yourself highly available. You go way out of your way to be the 24/7/ 365 decision maker, because your business is your baby. There will come a day and time for whatever reason that you simply won’t be available for that pending technology decision….how will your business fare?